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Officers School of the Air Force



This way you can reach not only the airport, but also the Polish Air Force Academy, also known as the School of Eaglets. The academy is linked with the tradition of interwar air force academies. In 1921 Minister of Military Affairs decided that the educational centre for the newly created Polish Air Force would be established in Dęblin. Truth to be told, the academy was founded in 1925 in Grudziądz, but it was transferred to Dęblin as soon as 1927 to the newly erected buildings. In 1928, as the Air Force Cadet Academy, the school commenced educating the cadres of officers, observers and pilots. During the Second World War, after the September resistance fights in Poland, Polish airmen fought in the West under the banner of the Polish Air Force. After the war, the educational activity resumed in the Air Force Officer Academy, which in 1968 was transformed into the (Higher) Air Force Academy (thanks to which the graduates received the engineer degree). After another reorganization, ensuing the regulation of the Council of Ministers of June 7, 1994, the Polish Air Force Academy was established.


The Air Force Museum in Dęblin is affiliated with the academy (ul. Dywizjonu 303 nr 12) open Apr 1–Oct 31 Tue 10am-3pm (individual visitors – admission free), Wed–Sat 10am-3pm, Sun 10am-6pm; Nov 1–Dec 21 Tue–Fri 9am–2pm. The open-air exhibition features over 60 airplanes and helicopters as well as other kinds of technical equipment belonging to the Air Force, including air-defence and radar systems. The indoor exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part describes the birth of the air force and its development during the First and Second World Wars; the other part is devoted to modern history. The exhibits include documents, maps, sketches, photographs as well as elements of small weapons and uniforms.


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