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The historic park



The ruins of the storage building are about 500 years old. The palace is surrounded by a historical park, featuring many trees recognized as monuments of nature. One of the more interesting specimens is the Catalpa Tree originally from South America. It is a large, beautifully blossoming tree with impressively long, dark seedpods. It grows in the centre of the park on the northern side of the palace. Until the Second World War, the magnificent residential building was accompanied by a large number of farm buildings, auxiliary buildings, large stables, and other manorial buildings. The entrance gate featured the statues of two lions, while a large water tower, supplying the palace and farm buildings with running water, was built nearby. The Wołk-Łaniewski owned an impressive collection of chaises and carriages and they also ran their own horse-breeding farm. After the war the estate began deteriorating; in fact, communist authorities encouraged the destruction of the palace. A person who died during the removing the ceiling beams in the palace is buried in the Markuszów cemetery. At present, the palace interior has been renovated and the palace is owned by the Hieronim Łopaciński Voivodeship Public Library in Lublin. The library houses collections of old books, and serves as a venue for training events, seminars and conventions.


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