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cold war



During the Cold War, the military railway line between Puławy and Bąkowiec was established in order to ensure a strategic crossing over the river in case the railway bridge across the Vistula River in Dęblin was destroyed. A special pontoon bridge was supposed to facilitate the train crossing over the river and the military units of railway pontoon crossing regularly practiced setting it up. These practice manoeuvres, and the actual train crossing, took place for the last time in 1989. During that time, the bridge construction elements were placed on the fenced territory located behind the railway station building (between the building and the level crossing on the route between Gołąb and Niebrzegów). Following the fall of communism, the threat of the imperialist attack diminished and in the second half of the 1990s, when the Polish State Railways liquidated the Gołąb Railway Station, the secret railway posts were demolished and the bridge elements were removed.


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