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A small village named Bonów existed here until 1937. It consisted of 63 households with a population of ca. 330 people. Despite its beautiful location, the village residents suffered poverty. The local soil was barren and sandy, and the agricultural land was classified as of lower and poor quality (classes IV–V). People tried to make ends meet by selling mushrooms, blueberries and brushwood.


Right before the war, in the years 1935–36, the area of the village of Bonów together with the residential and farm buildings were evaluated and purchased by the Ministry of Military Affairs in order to be designated as the military training area of the Air Force Officer Academy in Dęblin. In 1936 the residents of 39 households resettled in the Siostrzytów region in Lublin District, naming the new village Bonów. A year later, the residents of the remaining households moved to the vicinity of Bychawa in Lublin District to the village that is currently known as Kolonia Bychawka III.


In the years 1959–60 the Ministry of National Defence abandoned the military training range and transferred the area to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Then, a part of the former village of Bonów, mostly meadows and pastures were allotted to the farmers from the neighbouring villages, while the remainder part was forested.


In order to commemorate the former village of Bonów, a roadside shrine was erected here on the 60th anniversary of the resettlement of its residents. A new tradition came into being of religious services held here in the summertime and attended by the residents of the former village of Bonów with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and by residents of the neighbouring villages. A sheltered picnic area was erected here and special plaques were attached to the trees, pointing out the location of the former buildings. The pear, plum and apple trees hidden in the forested areas are a natural remnant of the former village.


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