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Bronisław Pietrak



Bronisław Pietrak (1914–97) – blacksmith artist, author of paper-cuttings, writer and a great story-teller, as well as an excellent organizer of cultural events in his surroundings. Co-founder of the Folk Artists’ Club in Puławy, and the National Association of Folk Artists, of which he was the president of the management board for 20 years. In order to popularize blacksmithing, he organized in his smithy in Gutanów the first Blacksmith Convention and the Artistic Forging Competition (in 1970). His oeuvre consists of four volumes of poetry, Corncockles, Chrysanthemums, Poems with Tears and Laughter, Peak Notes Seen Cross-Eyed, a collection of folk stories, TheBełżycko Fife, humoresques, What Makes Us Laugh in Poland, short stories, Lodzia and Love to this Land, novel AHorse’s Diaries and a kind of stylized autobiography, A Shortcut through Life. His works made of metal, horn, wood, and paper, as well as his volumes of poetry and books are featured in the Lublin Castle Museum in Lublin.


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